Rules & Regulations

New Accounts

All new customers must apply for service in person at the Water Department Customer Service Office in city hall. You must have identification in the form of a driver's license and/or Social Security card. A security deposit of at least $100 is required from all customers, except service to owner occupied property with a satisfactory payment record. Customers must be at home in order to have water turned on. A time will be set for your water to be turned on.

Determining Your Water Bill

Each residence has a water meter that is read once each month. Last month's reading is subtracted from this month's reading and your bill is based on the difference. A minimum rate is charged and additional charges are made for every 1000 gallons over the minimum.

Payment of Rates & Charges

Water bills are due and payable on or before the tenth day after billing. If your bill is not paid within 10 days from the due date, a penalty of 10% will be assessed. There is a $30 charge for returned checks.

Disconnection of Service for Non-Payment

If a bill is not paid within 25 days from the date originally billed, water and/or wastewater service will be disconnected until the bill is paid, including any penalty assessed for late payment.

Meter Reading Out of Cycle

A charge of $10 is collected each time a customer requests and the city makes an out-of-cycle meter reading. However, if the meter is read for a customer as a re-check on the regular reading and the reading was found to be in error, there will be no charge.

Adjustments for High Bills Caused by Leaks

If there is an undetectable leak in your home's plumbing (which starts at the meter), your bill may be adjusted if you have the leak corrected. You will be responsible for your normal water usage plus 50% of the water loss. Certain conditions apply; please contact the Director of Finance for full details.

Temporary Turn-Off & Turn-On

A charge of $10 is collected for each turn-off and each turn-on requested by a customer and made by the city for any reason.

Service Reconnection

Water and sewer service may be resumed upon payment of the amount past due and delinquent and penalty as required and a reconnection charge of $50.

Where there has been an actual disconnection of service by removal of a water meter or disconnection of lines, a minimum reconnection charge of $125 for reconnecting the water and $60 for reconnecting the sewer will be required.


Exemptions are available for persons aged 65 or older and for disabled persons on disability. Please see the director of finance for eligibility qualifications.

Sewer Problems

If you have a stopped sewer, you may first call the city to make sure the main is clear. If it is, you will be notified that the problem is in your plumbing and you should call a qualified plumber. The city is responsible only for the main. The customer is responsible for the service lines to the main.

Prohibited Acts

It is unlawful for any unauthorized person to enter a meter box or disturb, break, injure or tamper with, remove or relocate any water meter, water meter box, or water meter dial; or attempt to manipulate any water meter in any manner to change its reading.