City Secretary

City Secretary

The goal of the Office of the City Secretary is to provide service to the public in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

The Office of the City Secretary constantly strives to improve the quality of service lawfully and through sound management practices. Our staff members are ever mindful of providing the public with equal and efficient service to everyone. Their high standards of service merit public confidence in our city.


  • Maintain Minutes. Maintain and preserve the minutes and records of the proceedings of the City Council.
  • Record of Ordinances. Record in full, uniformly and permanently, all ordinances and resolutions of the City Council and be the legal custodian of the same.
  • Election Records. Keep and maintain all election records and have custody of all equipment used in connection with all city elections.
  • Official Duties. Possess the powers and perform the duties as set out in Section 22.073 Texas Local Government Code and serve as the city official record custodian as authorized and required under Chapter 201, 202 and 203, of the Texas Local Government Code.
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