Local Schools

Public education in Lamesa is provided by the Lamesa Independent School District, which serves about 2,100 students in and around Dawson County.

             212 N Houston Ave
             Lamesa, TX 79331

Kindergarten through Second Grade
Contact Information: 2000 South 8th Street
Lamesa, TX 79331
Third through Fifth Grade
Contact Information: North 14 Street
Lamesa, TX 79331
Phone: 806-872-5428
Fx: 806-872-8324

             Middle School

Lamesa, TX 79331
Phone: 806-872-8301, ext. 221
Fx: 806-872-2949 Fax

             High School

Lamesa, TX 79331
Phone: 806-872-8385
Fx: 806-872-6608