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Building Permit Application

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  2. City of Lamesa, Texas

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  4. Application for Permit

  5. To the inspector of buildings:
    The undersigned hereby applies for a permit to build according to the following specifications:
  6. 9. New residential construction features:
  7. 12. Size of Lot:
  8. 13. Size of building:
  9. By checking this box, I certify that on the above date I made application at the Building Inspector's Office for a permit to erect, remodel, repair, or remove a building or part thereof in accordance with this detailed statement, and plans filed with the Building Inspector, and I agree to construct said buildings in conformity with said plans and detailed statement, and in compliance with all provisions of the Building Ordinance and all applicable codes, and that the statement of the estimated value is correct.State of Texas, County of Dawson, City of Lamesa*
  10. Paid by:
  11. Daniel Meistrell, Building Inspector
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