Zoning Districts

Lamesa Zoning Districts are as follows:

Use of Land

A person may use the land or building in each of the above-classified districts in the city only for the purposes described. Any other use of land or building in district or districts is unlawful and in violation of this chapter. A person may not erect, reconstruct, enlarge, structurally alter, or move a building or structure unless it conforms to the regulations for the district in which the building or structure is located.

Zoning Map

The boundaries of each district are shown upon the map, which accompanies (on file in city secretary's office) and is made a part of this chapter and is designated as the zoning map. The zoning map and all markings, notations, references, and other information shown on the zoning map are part of this chapter.

One building on one lot If a person erects, enlarges or structurally alters a building, he may locate no more than one main building on one lot, except as may be otherwise provided by this chapter.

Annexed Property

All territory hereafter annexed to the City of Lamesa is subject to the restrictions and regulations of an "R-1" District until otherwise changed by an amendment to the chapter.