Recreational Needs Survey

The City of Lamesa is seeking public input from the community concerning the development of outdoor recreational activities. Please complete the following survey and return to City Hall by September 30, 2020

Section I: (Optional)

Total Number of persons living in your household                  ________   

Number of persons in your household under the age of 12   ________

Number of persons in your household older than 65                ________

Number of persons in your household with special needs     _________

SECTION II: (Required)

There are Outdoor recreational items listed below. Please review and identify the recreational facilities in order of importance. Please write a  1 beside the most important recreational facility. Number 2 will be the next important recreational facility. Please continue to   identify in order of importance through the least important recreational facility.

Order of Priority                       Description Proposed Recreational Facilities

_____________                            Community Water Feature (ie.  pool or splashpad)

_______________                      ADA Acessibility to recreational facilities

________________                    Playground Equipment

________________                    Walking/Bicycle Trails

________________                    Basketball Court

________________                    Picnic Facilities

_________________                 Exercise Stations

_________________                  Open/Nature Areas


Please provide any supplemental information related to outdoor recreational needs for the City.